travel essentials for small kids

travel essentials for small kids

We're gearing up for our summer travels, so I thought this would be the perfect time to share some of my essentials for traveling with small kids. My kids are 5 and 2.5 right now and these are the items will have with us on all of our adventures.

toddler backpack | kids backpack 
These backpacks are amazing! The toddler size fits my two year old perfectly and the kids size is great for my five year old. Even the toddler backpack can fit a water bottle in the outer side pocket and they're super roomy inside. Plus they have a chest strap so the backpack doesn't slip off my kiddos' shoulders.
comfy headphones 
ipad case 
4 yoto mini
We are obsessed with this audio book player and this one is the perfect size for travel! You may want to grab the card case too to organize all your story cards.
magnetic puzzles 
6 crayons 
7 mini notebooks 
8 wipe clean activity cards 
I split our deck of activity cards in two, hole punched them, and threw them on a binder ring. This way both kids can do activities at the same time and none of the cards will end up on the floor. The best part is that they are erasable so you can use them over and over.
9 sticker books 
Sticker books are our jam, especially reusable stickers. We love them for eating out, long car rides, or anytime there's a long wait.
10 water bottle 
11 snack containers
Plus ALL THE SNACKS. Like way more than you think you would ever need.
12 hand sanitizer
13 wipes
I will continue to use baby wipes even after my littlest is potty trained. They're great for cleaning up messes and sticky hands.
14 bandages
We love love love Welly Bandages. Plus the containers are so cute and the perfect size for storing crayons on the go when you've used up all the bandages.
15 blanket
Or lovey, stuffed animal, or any sort of comfort item to make your child feel a bit more at ease!

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