our favorite chapter book read alouds

our favorite chapter book read alouds

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I have been reading chapter books aloud to my kids since Brayden was three. There's so much that I love about chapter books. I love the conversations we have, the anticipation of picking up our book again to see what happens next, and the connection building that reading aloud to my children brings. If you haven't read The Read Aloud Family, you should add it to your book list! It highlights all the benefits of reading aloud to your children and how to make read alouds part of your family culture whether your children are babies or teenagers.

I especially love reading chapter books from a series, because if we fall in love with a book, my kids can't get enough of it! It's so fun heading to the library to grab the next book in the series. Below you'll find our favorite chapter book read alouds that I currently read to my three and six year old.

Magic Treehouse

The Magic Treehouse series is such a classic and so beloved in our house. We own nearly the whole collection of books, and we have listened to the audio books of the series (read any the author!) so many times I could probably recite them. LOL This series follows Jack and his little sister Annie as they travel through time in a magic treehouse from the time of dinosaurs to the Amazon rainforest to Ancient Rome. There's over 30 books in the series, plus a second series for slightly older, more advanced readers called Merlin's Missions. So if your kids love this series as much as mine do, you'll be set for a long time!

Calendar Mysteries

This series is a spin-off from the A-Z Mysteries series. It features the younger siblings from the characters in A-Z Mysteries and is better suited for a younger audience. There are 13 books in the series, one for each month plus a bonus New Years book. My kids love trying to use the clues to solve the mystery before the characters do!

Freddie's Amazing Bakery

This was the chapter book series that started it all for us. Brayden LOVED this series when he was three. It's about a kind boy named Freddie who owns a bakery in a quaint little town called Bellville. He often finds himself going up against his rival Bernard who owns a patisserie across town.

The Secrets of Droon

The Secrets of Droon series is perfect for the adventure lover and is a series I devoured as a kid. In this story, Eric, Julie, and Neil discover a hidden staircase in Eric's basement which leads to the magical world of Droon. Here they meet Princess Keeah and set out to help her against the evil Lord Sparr. My kids and I have read several books in this series and they love the magic and suspense these books provide.

The Princess in Black

The Princess in Black is a perfect beginner chapter book series. They're quick reads and feature color pictures on every page, making it more suitable for younger readers. This series follows prim and perfect Princess Magnolia who is secretly the Princess in Black, a superhero who fights monsters from Monster Land that threaten to eat the goats in her kingdom. This series is one of our favorites.

The Fabled Stables

The Fabled Stables is another series perfect for younger readers as it also has color pictures on every page. Auggie lives on an island as the caretaker of magical beasts. When a new pen appears in his stables, he must stop everything and race to the rescue of a magical beast in trouble.

Zoey and Sassfras

Zoey and Sassafras is a super cute series about a girl named Zoey and her cat Sassafras who take care of hurt or sick magical animals that appear in her barn. We've only read the first book in this series so far, and we are anxiously awaiting the next book to come in from our library!

Dragon Masters

This is a new to us series that we are excited to start! Dragon Masters is about Drake who is taken to the castle to learn to be a dragon master. He must connect with and train his dragon and discover his dragon's special powers alongside his new friends.

And there you have it! I'd love to hear any chapter books you'd add to this list! We're always looking for new books to read!
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