back to school traditions

back to school traditions

This year my oldest is starting kindergarten (cue the waterworks!), and it really has me thinking about the types of traditions I'd like to start with our family to celebrate back to school season. I loved back to school season as a kid and as a teacher, and I hope that my kids will feel that same sense of excitement that I once did. I've been scouring the interwebs for fun traditions that we could start this year, and I thought I would share my favorite ones with you!

first day of school flag sticking out of a backpack

here are some ideas for back to school traditions to start this year:

1. Set up a first day of school breakfast table. This could be as elaborate or as simple as you want it to be. I love this one and this one for a little inspiration!

2. Go for an ice cream date after the first day of school.

3. Take a first day of school photo. Our printable pennant flags or editable sign would make the perfect photo props!

4. Put together a back to school basket for your kiddos. There are some really cute ideas for this out there! I loved this one and this one! Psst - our printable flags would look so cute in one of these baskets, too!

5. Read back to school books before the first day. I love creating themed book walls, so we'll have a wall filled with books about school to choose from. This is our book wall from last year and this one is also so good!

6. Start writing lunchbox notes! Write your own or there are a plethora of sets that you can purchase. I am obsessed with this set from The Adventure Challenge!

7. Buy a special shirt for the first day! I love the ones that include the grade your kiddo is in! This one, this one, and this one are so stinking cute!

8. Start a school memory scrapbook. Our Raising You memory book includes a page for a school photo and a few little prompts about the school year details if you're looking for something simple. But if you're feeling a little crafty, try out this fun scrapbook idea from The Ever Co!

And there you have it! I hope you feel inspired to start a simple new tradition in your own family this year!

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