thanksgiving book list


I'm so excited to share this book list with you all! I know everyone's Insta feeds have jumped from all things Halloween straight to Christmas EVERYTHING, but I'm very much a savor the season kinda gal, so you won't get much holiday content from me until after Thanksgiving. Which leads me to this Thanksgiving children's book list! I'm not really sure why I've never embraced the Thanksgiving books before. THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD ONES. Our book wall has some traditional books about Thanksgiving, but many others are simply focused on family, traditions, gathering together, and home - because really, that's what Thanksgiving is all about anyway, right?

Oh, and the little "give thanks" banner is a printable available in the shop! I just shrunk the size to 70% at printing time.


The Little Guys | Peyton Picks the Perfect Pie | Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter | Our Table | The Map of Good Memories | Home is Where the Birds Sing | The Thank You Book | Thanksgiving in the Woods | Fry Bread | Where Happiness Lives | Apple Cake: A Gratitude

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