fall + halloween book nook

I love love love updating our book wall with holiday-themed books! It's so fun to pull out some of our old favorites to reread and check out some new ones! I always gift the kids a new book (or two!) + holiday jammies to get everyone excited about the upcoming holiday plus add to our book collection! The rest of the books, I'll grab from our local library.

It was so fun creating this little fall book nook for the kids. Some Halloween-themed pillows (I love this one, this one, and this one) or garland (how cute is this one?!) would also be fun additions!

The best part about putting these books on display is that we'll actually remember to read them! The kids will ask me to grab books off the shelf whenever we're in the playroom, and Brayden will often choose his bedtime stories from these shelves.

Right now our book nook is focused on fall and the changing of seasons. Near the end of the September, I will freshen up the wall with Halloween + spooky books.

Here are some fun fall books!


Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn | The Leaf Thief | Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin | Awesome Autumn | Fall Mixed Up | Fall Leaves: Colorful and Crunchy | Leaf Man | The Little Kitten | Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

And here are some of our favorite Halloween books!


Creepy Crayon | Ghost Afraid of the Dark | Hardly Haunted | Room on the Broom | Gilbert the Ghost | No Such Thing | Pick a Pumpkin | Bonaparte Falls Apart | How to Make Friends with a Ghost

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