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We've been waiting for warm, dry weather here in the Pacific Northwest for what feels like an eternity. Now that summer has finally decided to make an appearance, you better believe that we are not going to waste a single moment of this fleeting season. I have so many activities I want to do with my kids, places I want to take them, memories I want to make with them, and my favorite way to hold myself accountable is by creating a bucket list! Our bucket list serves as a daily reminder of all our summer aspirations (especially when it is hung somewhere we'll see it often, such as the kitchen fridge!), so that we don't reach the end of the summer disappointed that we didn't do anything.

This year, I wrote our bucket list on kraft paper, and the kids helped decorate it. If your kids are old enough, let them help you decide on what to add to the list! Feeling invested in the bucket list will make completing and checking activities off so much more fun for them too.

Here are some ideas to get you started:
1. Go berry picking
2. Go to the pool
3. Visit a farm
4. Tie-dye
5. Have a backyard movie night
6. Camp in the backyard
7. Catch fireflies
8. Watch fireworks
9. Go to the zoo
10. Pick out books at the library
11. Beach day
12. Go on a picnic
13. Build a sand castle
14. Read outside
15. Have a water balloon fight
16. Go to the drive in movie theater
17. Go fishing
18. Take a hike
19. Go on a nature walk
20. Make s'mores
21. Go on a bike ride
22. Run through the sprinkler
23. Play at the splash pad
24. Fly a kite
25. Make homemade lemonade
26. Go on a road trip
27. Take a family vacation
28. Collect seashells
29. Ride a roller coaster
30. Go to the fair

If you create a summer bucket list with your family, I'd love to see it! Feel free to tag me on Instagram @thislittleloveco. Here's to making summer memories!

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